Official Show Program

Barns, parents and grandparents can help show their support for their riders and the National Academy Championship Horse Show by purchasing an ad in our National Academy official 2020 program.



Front Cover: $950 (with a velvet touch lamination)

Back Cover: Open $750 (with a velvet touch lamination)

Inside Front Cover: $500

Inside Front Cover: $500

Packages and Prices

One inside page: $350 (Only full pages, all color, customized design. Preferred up to two people on a page to ensure the best quality and exposure for your riders but group/ barn ads do not apply to this recommendation.)

Five inside pages: One complimentary lead-in page (Purchase five inside ads and receive a lead-in page.)

Ten inside pages: Two-page spread lead in (Purchase ten inside ads and receive a two-page lead-in spread.)

LED lightbox ad upgrade: +$350 (18′′ x 24′′—Mounted ad inside a lightbox frame—Perfect addition for barn decorations and to display at home. Delivered to the show.)

Banner ad upgrade: +$300 (6x 2.5—Premium retractable stand—Delivered to the show. We will set it up for you!)

Parade banner: $350 (2.5x 6—Unmounted for carrying in the barn parade)


Final page count: September 31st

Photos & payment by October 1st

Approval on October 21st

Get Started

  1. One person from each barn will need to supply an exact page count to by September 31st.
  2. There will need to be one designated person to contact regarding the barns ads.
  3. An email address will need to be provided from each parent/ rider proofing the ads.
  4. An ad form will need to be submitted on Caitlin Reason’s website for each barn by October 1st: